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Module 4 – Computational Thinking
Module 5 – Data Literacy
[ENG] Digital Citizenship and Computational Thinking – Curriculum Team
About Lesson

Do you know how to use a mouse now? 

Let’s practice your skills. Game is the best way to approach it. 

First, please click the link to play the game:

Game Instruction 

This will be the first page you see when you join the game. 

Click “PLAY NOW” in order to start the game. 

  • Then, you will have three button options
  1. Click “START” to play.

  2. Click “CHARACTERS” to change the size of the car and the game levels.

  3. Click “MORE” and you will go to the game setting page where you can read more info about the games.


Click “START” to start game and follow the demo steps.

Drag your mouse and follow the white lines to create the shape for your car. 

Finally, you have created your own car to win the game. You will continue to design different shapes in order to complete each level. Good luck!