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Module 4 – Computational Thinking
Module 5 – Data Literacy
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Learn how to type

Source: Computer_Keyboard_Gflores

Along with learning computer skills, you also need to learn how to type. Regular practice will allow your finger to move and find each letter on the keyboard without having to look at it. You’ll be able to write more quickly and concentrate better this way. When it comes to typing, it also demonstrates your professionalism and mastery of the computer.

  • Sitting posture for typing
Source: istockphoto

Your sitting position should look somewhat like shown in the picture; keep your back straight, angle your shoulders and arm, and be relaxed. Your wrist should be placed lightly on the tabletop of the keyboard. Keep your eyes between 45 to 70 centimeters from the screen. 

  • Hand placement on the keyboard 
Source: ratatype

Your hand is place on the Home Row, the keyboard’s middle row as you can see in this image. No matter which way you move your fingers –up or down– it always ends up back on the home row. The placement of your fingers should be set up so that your left pinky is on the letter “A” and continue to the letter “F”. Then, as shown, place your right index finger on the letter “J”. Your thumbs should both be on the “Space bar” and pressed on whichever side feels most natural to you. You are now ready to start typing.  


Click here for your Typing practice →