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Course Description

The impact of digitization in today’s world have influenced how businesses, organization and individual function. As customer behavior becomes more complex, so are the challenges for businesses to keep up with the changes. The best innovation is not the one with the most sophisticated technology but the one with the best design. Design in this context is beyond the aesthetic of an object or an interface. The design also takes into account the users’ physiology and functionality. 


This course aims to provide the students with the theoretical background and practical experience in digital innovation design from a user-centered perspective. There are three main components in this course. First, is the theoretical aspect of innovation and design. Regarding this, the students will be introduced to the theory of innovation and value creation, and design at a high level. The second component (week 5-7) of this course provides students with the experience and practice of design thinking. Students will gain knowledge about the process and tools needed for data collection, data analysis, generation of insights from user data, solution building, and prototyping. The third component is project-based learning on computer-human interaction. Students will be working in groups, under the supervision of the course instructor, in order to produce a tangible prototype of their products from the real-world problem that they have identified.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 


(CLO1) Explain the basic concept of innovation, customer value creation and design (PLO2)

(CLO2) Analyze design from the customer/user-centric perspective (PLO2, PLO8)

(CLO3) Prioritize the use of user information and research methods in HCI design (PLO10)

(CLO4) Demonstrate effective communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills and self-reflection in teamwork (PLO6, PLO3)

(CLO5) Apply design thinking process to build solutions to meet users’ need through (PLO3, PLO5)

(CLO6) Develop an effective user interface based on specific user profiles and functionality (PLO2, PLO5, PLO6)


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Course Content

The midterm will factor in 25% of your grade.

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