Course Content
The midterm will factor in 25% of your grade.
About Lesson

Requirement (4-6 hours)


Type of Content


Concept Study (1-2 hours)

Independent Learning 

Video, Journal Article, Book Chapter, Lecture Slides, 

LMS, Small Quiz

Online Classroom (1-2 hours)

In-class instructor leads discussion

Lecture Slides, Interactive Discussion

Online interactive discussion

Group Discussion (1-2 hours)

Group Discussion, Peer-to-peer learning

Case study, Discussion Question, Group Project

LMS, Discussion Question

Weekly Reflection/Project (1-2 hours)

Independent Learning

Reflective Thinking & Writing

LMS, Reflection – Journal Input

  • How does it work?
  • Concept study – content to be added prior to online learning class time on Tutor LMS. Students are required to read the content in advance and complete a small quiz at the end. The quiz will be the system as a way for the lecturer to track if they have studied. 
  • Online classroom – weekly instructor lead discussion based on the concept the students have studied. Students have to ultimately do the pre-lecture study to make sure they could contribute to the discussion
  • Group Discussion – the case study and group discussion project will be posted on the LMS. As students learn those materials, they will be asked to confirm on the LMS that they have joined the discussion for validation 
  • Weekly Reflection – Individual student journal entry of what they have learned and experienced within the week about the course. Their key learning point and their group contribution.