Course Content
The midterm will factor in 25% of your grade.
About Lesson

Welcome to MIS 380 – Human-Computer Interaction. The course is designed to be independent learning. The learning design will follow the hybrid structure of Team-Project Based Learning. Throughout the course of 15 weeks, you will be learning about fundamental concepts behind human-computer interaction, the theory of innovations that sit at the core of value creation, different design principles that drive the UI/UX design process, and some psychological aspects of humans to tackle on the consumer behavior point of the study. 

To achieve the best possible outcome from the class, your independent study time individually and in the group are mandatory. We want to use the lecture time for more discussion and practice rather than giving lectures. I also believe, the Internet is a better “lecturer” than me. Therefore, doing your required reading weekly before the lecture is part of your learning. 

This course is also a research on UI/UX case for conducting online classes for design courses to be more effective. You will read more about the research on the next page.